Another journal entry from my journey through the vlogosphere!

Captain’s Log 18.01.2007

Today I went to Viktoria’s in order to discuss with her how we are going to proceed. Of course we had both already brainstormed for ideas ,however since this is a partner trip we are entitled to first have our own powwow before engaging the task of creating our next vlog. Viktoria had contacted me via e-mail and told me I should come to her home at 18:30. She also mentioned that she had an idea that involved Bukowski’s poem “The Worst and The Best”, I must admit that I have never read anything from Bukowski in my life and therefore had no clue what she wanted to do with it, but that’s something we would be discussing, I figured.

I was lucky, when I arrived at her home Viktoria had just opened her door. Her course had taken a little longer than usual and she had to talk to her lecturer about another written assignment, so it was sheer luck for me or else I would have to spend the time in front of her house. This would have been quite annoying because of the harsh weather that appears to have taken over our sweet little city this week.

But back to the topic. My first official act was to check the poem to measure its potential use to our cause. Unfortunately Vik and I had different views on the interpretation of said poem and thus we deemed it inappropriate for usage in our video. Nevertheless I think we both had some ideas due to the different views on that poem. In my mind I saw a clear picture, well almost clear, it was a little blurred around the edges. However since I have a partner I did not worry too much about the details, since the best way to achieve a crisp ,picture of an idea is to share it with somebody else. Next up we decided on what we wanted to include apart from what I mentioned in my last entry, something I had dubbed “Black vs. White” in my mind. Among these new additions was the enactment of emotions that are opposing to one another. Also we decided on props and a date for shooting. Vik noted everything we decided on a sheet of paper. I commented that she should write me an e-mail to ensure that I won’t forget half of the things I had been ordered to bring along.

Then I geared up, reminded her to ” make a little creative brainstorming”, and then headed out into the cold and windy night.

 Captain’s Log 21.01.2007   

I arrived at Viktoria’s place twenty minutes late due to harsh weather conditions. Even though we had originally planned to start immediately we took our time with starting. Unfortunately we both had caught the flu during the last three days, which decreased our capability to perform by a significant amount. We used the time we spend resting with deciding on final changes as well as a structure and a set of words that would be used. then we started filming. We began with Viktoria’s part. We had to make some adjustments because the lighting was not perfect, however we figured the correct composition out in a acceptable amount of time. I had to fight with some muscle cramping whilst filming, but luckily enough it had no effect on the picture. Sometimes the scenes we recorded got lost, which is strange because we did the same thing every time without any changes in the procedure. After two ours we had everything we needed in the can, and all that is left for us to do is the editing, but that probably won’t happen until Tuesday. If I do get to edit it beforehand I will be so inclined as to let you know.

One way or another, see y’all later 😀 


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