How to vlog a Vampire…

Heya, yes it’s been two weeks already, and here I am meditating on the vlog that is planned for our class.

I will use my task as a general structure for this entry; so I will start with what I want to focus on. Since we plan to make a vlog of 2-3 minutes I would like to talk something, maybe about what happened in the world or simply our neighbourhood. I would like to do a commentary on something, anything, as long as we can come up with something to say. I would not want to make something artistic, simply because I feel that we should at least make one introductory episode showing us, the participants of this class, doing what we do best… talking. So as I sit here and write this that I want to focus on the content more than on the layout. All I care about in the structure is, that we have an introduction, a middle part, and an ending.

I have to admit that my imagination is currently heavily influenced by shows like Ze Frank or thisisaknife, but I do realize (saddly) that this might be just a little too ambitious especially for us newbies. On the other hand I feel we should at least try to set off into the general direction. Also I would rather use thisisaknife as reference since it seems to be a good example of using almost every known technique in one blog. The other thing I might want to keep in mind is the guideline on blogs that can be found on:

What I am kind of unsure about is the actual use of the camera and the editing tools since, like I mentioned earlier, I have no idea how to use them or what it takes to get the results I am looking for. I guess that there will be a lot of “trial and error” before our first vlog goes online.

I just had a brilliant idea for our first try out. We are a class of six people plus a teacher; if we all did our very own powermove ( an idea put forward by Ze Frank himself) using up to 15 seconds each, plus introduction and outro we would already have a, at least, two minute clip. This is just ingenious and at the same time we can all make total fools of ourselves; joy.

I could imagine that this might be a start up chance for a student vlog, maybe together with the other class we could produce some kind of infotainmentvlog that is directed at the students of our beautiful university or just in general. Nevertheless then I would prefer to separate the show from our initial fool’s play :D.

If you have an even better idea either post it in the comments or do it yourself :D. Anyhow that was it for me again. See y’all next week with (hopefully) even more exciting insights into the ‘Vlogosphere’.


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