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Hello! My name is Cammy!

December 27, 2006

Hello folks and welcome back to my blog. This week I was handed a little camera by my teacher. She trusts me that I do not break it while it is in my possession, oh boy the responsibility. Anyways, so now I have time till the 27 December to try it out and I will make a little diary out of it( so original I know).

Day 1, 20 December 2006,

First took the camera out of its case. So far haven’t done much with it since I have to figure out how to get the display running. Manual isn’t helping much because it is written in all kinds of eastern or northern European languages except for English and German. Did a little exploring of the menu, but did not change anything since it would not help solving my initial problem.

Day 2, 21 December 2006,

Did nothing because I was busy 😀

Day 3, 22 December,

Finally got around to figure out how to project the picture on the exterior display. This discovery lead to hours of me filming myself. I Found out that it is actually possible (for me at least) to simulate zooming by slowly moving the camera closer or further away. Furthermore I have still refrained from actually recording anything because it did not appear to me as worthy of being taped.

Day 7, 26 December,

As you may have guessed nothing much happened over the past few days. On the other hand I came up with a neat little idea of what to do as my first vlog entry. How that will work out in the end remains to be seen. Nevertheless I plan to post it on YouTube and hopefully get many reactions, including the infamous “G*y” one :D. On a side note I am currently experimenting with various other movie editing programs but so far haven’t decided on one, oh well.

Day 8, 27 December 2006

Hoo boy, today I learned a lot more about the camera and vlogging in general. There are so many things to consider prior to creating a video; things like what do I wear? What do I use as a background? What kind of lighting? The whole surrounding needs to be prepared. Also you will want to make sure that there are no background noises et cetera. Another thing I realised during my first tryouts, is that it is recommendable to have a partner with you for the camera work. I found out that it is very hard to focus on two things at the same time, at least for me.

Anyways now that I have made my first little steps it is merely a matter of time before I post it. Should said event arise I will be glad to be of service with time and directions.

See y’all in the new year 😀


Box ‘o’ Vlogs!

December 13, 2006

As you may have guessed from the title it’s another round of surprise entries. Only this time it is all about the vlogosphere.

The first article I want to discuss a little was written by Charles Isherwood for the International Herald Tribune and deals with how he discovered that the “you” in YouTube included him as well. I think it reflects pretty good the sheer vastness of what is possible and already offers through the vlogosphere. In his example he mainly refers to how he thought that it was only media-obsessed kids and adults who are only searching for a quick fix of daily humour. However, he discovered that there is far more to the whole vlog business than he had thought. For him it is the discovery of high culture in something he deemed conscious or subconscious as low culture. He seems to forget that the vlog in itself happens to create its own sphere of high culture, and rightfully so. After all the first vlog was no poop-joke but a mere hello to the rest of the world. It goes for show that Mister Isherwood is surprised by the high culture content of websites like YouTube that a lot of people seem to not have heard/seen this first greeting of a new media platform. The second half of his article feels like it is directed at others that are hesitant to enter this, as he calls it, “rabbit hole” since he promotes the horizon broadening experiences you can have due to the interconnectiveness of the various vlogs that are floating around the interweb. He ends his elaboration by explaining how you get carried away on your journey from one vlog to another due to (usually) curiosity and that this is not a bad thing at all. For me this whole article reeks a little too much of overgeneralization in order to enjoy reading it, but I guess that is in large parts due to the fact that I have spent far too much time on the internet for my own good and am therefore quite used to the medium in general. On the other hand I definitely see a need to introduce those that have been left out of the internet community so far and are curious to join. However this should be done properly and step by step from someone who is already a part of the community or else I fear more mishaps like those of Germany’s chancellor Merkel who’s attempt to address the ‘blogosphere’ backfired horribly in part because she tried too hard and also because her advisors seem to have no clue themselves. The same can be observed with Sony’s recent publicity stunt in which they tried to advertise their PSP through a fake user-created vlog entry on YouTube, ultimately earning them a face off with the FTC.

I guess what I am trying to say is this DO NOT force your way into a community especially not following the advice of people that are not part of it either. If you want to be accepted you have to bring along a little patience or you will be forever cast out ( sounds a little harsh, but hey that’s life :D).

Anyways I hope this entry was a little bit helpful or at least gave you some own ideas and see you next week with a special on how to use a digital camera (or something like that)

How to vlog a Vampire…

December 6, 2006

Heya, yes it’s been two weeks already, and here I am meditating on the vlog that is planned for our class.

I will use my task as a general structure for this entry; so I will start with what I want to focus on. Since we plan to make a vlog of 2-3 minutes I would like to talk something, maybe about what happened in the world or simply our neighbourhood. I would like to do a commentary on something, anything, as long as we can come up with something to say. I would not want to make something artistic, simply because I feel that we should at least make one introductory episode showing us, the participants of this class, doing what we do best… talking. So as I sit here and write this that I want to focus on the content more than on the layout. All I care about in the structure is, that we have an introduction, a middle part, and an ending.

I have to admit that my imagination is currently heavily influenced by shows like Ze Frank or thisisaknife, but I do realize (saddly) that this might be just a little too ambitious especially for us newbies. On the other hand I feel we should at least try to set off into the general direction. Also I would rather use thisisaknife as reference since it seems to be a good example of using almost every known technique in one blog. The other thing I might want to keep in mind is the guideline on blogs that can be found on:

What I am kind of unsure about is the actual use of the camera and the editing tools since, like I mentioned earlier, I have no idea how to use them or what it takes to get the results I am looking for. I guess that there will be a lot of “trial and error” before our first vlog goes online.

I just had a brilliant idea for our first try out. We are a class of six people plus a teacher; if we all did our very own powermove ( an idea put forward by Ze Frank himself) using up to 15 seconds each, plus introduction and outro we would already have a, at least, two minute clip. This is just ingenious and at the same time we can all make total fools of ourselves; joy.

I could imagine that this might be a start up chance for a student vlog, maybe together with the other class we could produce some kind of infotainmentvlog that is directed at the students of our beautiful university or just in general. Nevertheless then I would prefer to separate the show from our initial fool’s play :D.

If you have an even better idea either post it in the comments or do it yourself :D. Anyhow that was it for me again. See y’all next week with (hopefully) even more exciting insights into the ‘Vlogosphere’.