Hello and welcome back to my little space in the interweb. This time it’s all about the podcast-phenomena but for now only the audible part of it. Up until this week I have never listened to a podcast before and there are certain types of casts I may never use again, but I will elaborate this later on.

First of all a little general information. A Podcast can be regarded as a radio-programme that has the “possibility” to be broadcasted and saved at the same time. I put possibility in quotation marks because it is not necessary to broadcast it live or save it during the performance, but it is possible. Anyways the podcast, so far, is not under the jurisdiction of any regulatory institute and is therefore closest to what can be referred to as freedom of speech in the multimedia industry. Like a radio show the podcasts are not restricted to simple news, music or even advertisement programmes but can also be used as an audible To-Do list, a diary or an addition to make your blog more understandable in any way. Even though the initial idea was restricted to being able to host your own radio show over the interweb other uses have spawned following something which is almost an established natural law in the www and especially since the advent of web 2.0 .

What I noticed during my research on podcasts is that it is rather hard to get an audiocast , somehow the browsing is very confusing and hardly ends in success, but that may just be my inability. Most of the pages that I found are simply links to other podcast-listing pages. However I can highly recommend this little page http://www.digitalpodcast.com it is very easy to browse and has all the information you need.

Anyways, another thing I noticed is the huge quality divergence caused by the unsupervised nature of the podcasts out there. Some of them are really professional, even more so then some of the professional radio-shows. Yet on the other hand there are also those casts that have no apparent goal nor structure, making the whole experience of listening to them rather confusing. This however only happens to speech-only audiocasts since music-programmes seem rather hard to mess up. There is a lot of informative material floating around the web in audioformat, however I prefer my information readable and that’s where I have the biggest problem yet. It is not much but like I said earlier there is just way too many podcasts out there to say I like audiocasts in general.

At last the part that makes audioblogging something that makes it my preferred (passive) blogging style is that I can listen to it while doing something else, that is a big plus in my opinion especially when you have homework to do 😀 (You know what I mean).


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