You look!

This week I will deal with an interesting little webfeature called social bookmarking, more specifically the bookmarking tool/site called Just like flickr this webservice is owned by Yahoo!, nevertheless this is a pure coincidence.

Social bookmarking is a pretty neat webfeature at least in my eyes. At its basis it works on the principal of “2 can achieve more than 1”. You are posting sites you found interesting and/or worth of sharing with the other community members. Of course you also have access to the bookmarks that have been posted by the other users. There is a ranking, similar to that of most of the other web 2.0 websites, that lists bookmarks in most viewed and best evaluation. Also there is a daily digest feature that lists the most recent additions, but of course this one changes very frequently.

To actively participate on this site you are required to install two buttons in your browser through which you can 1. create a bookmark of a site which in return is directly posted on your account and 2. directly access your account without having to type in your address which is quite a nice feature in my humble opinion.

So if you find an interesting site whilst surfing the world wide web and consider it to be worthy of sharing it with the rest of the members you just press the button in your browser window. Next a window pops up that asks you to write a short description of what the site is all about or why you deemed it worthy of sharing. Next you add some tags, which you separate through blanks, at the bottom of that page and hit the post button.

Your account let’s you also create backup-files for all the bookmarks you post on the site, or in the opposite direction post every single bookmark you have on your harddrive. So all those “efforts” you have invested into creating your personal bookmarks prior to joining this service will not be wasted at all.
Like I said at the beginning of this entry, this service is definitely something I will continue to use in the future, since it has already proven to be quite useful to me. Also since my computer has a habit of breaking down rather frequently I can save keep my bookmarks online and therefore access them from other PC’s as well.

So use it, it’s free and useful that has got to be worth something.


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