flickr – I want to buy a vowel…

Okay so here goes my second assignment, and it’s all about the flickr, courtesy of Yahoo!.

The main idea behind flickr is the ability to share your pictures with other people all over the world. Of course you are able to restrict access to your pictures to people you know but you can as well just leave your galleries public. At least that is how it is today, did you know that flickr was first created for the sole purpose of assisting an online RPG? That’s right it was mainly used as a chat-room with instant photo exchanging tools. But the demand of the users focused more and more on the photo-sharing aspects of the programme. Thus the game started to cease from existence and flickr became the main project for Ludicorp.
First and foremost flickr seems to me at its best as a promotional site or testing grounds for prospective photographers. Here they can upload their work and get direct feedback from other semi-professionals. Also it may be used as a reference page if you want to apply to a position in the photographing business, whatever that may be. Also a lot of the photographers posting on flickr are using its tag-tool in order to describe the techniques they used to achieve a certain effect in the picture, exchanging tips and ideas with others. The ability to comment is also one of the things that appear to me are mainly aimed at this target-group for the same reasons that I just mentioned above.

But of course this is not the only purpose that flickr can be applied for. For example it can be used in combination with a blog to better illustrate what you are talking about, or just for fun depending on you and your blog. Other applications I know of so far also include a picture diary, for example when you are living abroad, away from friends and family and you want to keep them up to date to your life and whatever you are doing.

To me, personally, this is not a site I would use, simply because I am not a good picture creator nor am I planning on becoming one. The only purpose that I could imagine myself to utilize ‘flickr’ for is to keep members of my family or my friends up to date when I am abroad, but that remains to be seen because I have not much experience in that particular field. But I guess if everyone was thinking the same about ‘flickr’ as I do it wouldn’t have been such a success.


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