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Meditation on the “Blogosphere”

October 31, 2006

Okay, so my first assignment is to research the blog phenomena and the universe that has sort of established itself during the years that followed the advent of blogging.

When I think of blogs the first thing that comes to my mind is people that talk to themselves. This, when acted out on the street is not an accepted behaviour in “modern” society. However when done on the internet it seems to loose a lot of it`s creepyness, even though not all of it, at least I feel this way. The ‘blog’ or web log as it is correctly named sprung into existence to fill the void that was left behind from the increasingly complicated and expensive homepages which went the way of all ancestors during the Great Bubble Burst in 2001. The lack of additional or even cumulative costs and the relatively easy-to-use editing tools made it an appealing alternative, even though not as free in the design category it made up for it by it’s ‘fire and forget charme’. Like most cultural phenomena this development came quite unexpected and was in major parts created by the users and not a particular company. It is also the users constant striving for improvement that led to other forms of ‘blogging that appeared over time.

And it is not simply writing. The Blogosphere, as it is called, also includes webcomics, artblogs, and videoblogs even though the later seldomly has a page-per-user webpresence and webcomics as well as artblogs are more concerned with regular updates in the drawndepartment. Many of the more established bloggers also tend to be familiar with each other outside the web. Some of them arrange meetings at conventions to get to know each other, these bonds are usually represented online via links or even ‘guestentries’ sometimes enduring more than a week. A duo calling themselves Nobody’s Watching for example utilizes their blog to promote their idea for a tv show that wasn’t picked by the WB and are currentl gathering a rather solid fanbase in order to achieve the goal mentioned above. Large E-Corporations like Microsoft or Yahoo! are keeping a close eye on the developments in these communities to get new ideas for their own products and to keep in touch with their customers culture.

However due to it being a phenomenon of a time in which things to not tend to inhibit the trait of longevity there are already signs that point towards a decline in growth and maybe even a slow decay of the online community. Especially the banning of websites such as Myspace from school-accounts may be the first small steps into that direction. Nevertheless I do not believe that there won’t be any substitutes or that the blogosphere will completely disappear anytime soon(read: the next ten years). It will be a rather slight decrease in interest just like any subcultural phenomenon and then in ten years time it will have gone the way of all theme-decades. There will be a remembrance show with semi-dead celebrities ranting about how they spent their childhood on MySpace.



October 24, 2006

Welcome to the small part of the blogosphere that has now officially been put under my jurisdiction.

Come back regularly because there might be changes in the future.